Bookending the festival – opportunity to catch up with Words by the Water

View of Derwentwater from Theatre by the Lake

Due to COVID we were unable to cover theWords by the Water 2022 festival live, however, we were able to attend the first and last days – bookending the event.

Getting the negative test to attend the last day was a great opporunity. Gavin Barwell took us behind the scenes of Theresa May’s premiership and spoke from the heart of the woman who wanted the best for the country. She had been a remainer – but was in a position where she had to try and deliver Brexit.

As May’s Chief of Staff and former Tory MP, Gavin was at the heart of Government – and he was very honest about the stress he was under for those two years. He was honest about how he viewed the political scene today – and gave hope that many politicans, whatever their politicl colour, are there as a privilate, to serve the people.

The wonderful thing about Words by the Water is you get to hear different people’s perspectives and realise whichever political angle you come from, the majority of us want the best outcome for everyone. There’s no algorithm like social media to feed you ideas the same as your own. A literary festival like this opens up the debate and your ears to a full range of ideas.  

Gavin Barwell with Leah Varnell at Words by the Water, Theatre by the Lake
Gavin Barwell with Leah Varnell at Words by the Water, Theatre by the Lake

Dr Katherine Mannix gave a thought provoking and positive end to Words by the Water 2022 – and thankfully we were able to attend the last sessions of the festival.

However, if like us, you were unable to attend all the sessions, you have the opportunity to catch up and support Words by the Water

This year, the Ways with Words team who organise the festival, have recorded several talks and you can pay-and-play the sessions in the comfort of your home.

Visit the Words by the Water website where you will find all the catch-up events, which are £6 and are available to purchase and watch until April 17, 2022.

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