Top 5 Reasons You Should go to Words by the Water

Words by the Water – Theatre by the Lake

The Lake District’s 10-day literary festival opened yesterday at Theatre by the Lake in Keswick, and despite delayed trains, gales and monsoon weather the place was buzzing. So why should you make the effort to go and listen to writers, journalists and artists? Here are 5 good reasons why:

  1. As the Festival President Melvyn Bragg said in his welcome speech, because at times like these of division and times of ‘national uncertainty and distress’ the arts offer enrichment and sanctuary (especially from the B-word*)
  2. With polarised politics, it is essential to create places of true debate and exchange of ideas (again from Mr Bragg)
  3. You can go to listen to a famous mountaineer talking out the Himalayas, and catch a talk about the secret life of Britain’s country houses or the gender gap – the choice of speakers and topics is so wide ranging
  4. Listening to people talk about their passions is inspiring and uplifting – and everyone who takes the stage is enthusiastic about their topic
  5. It’s all about ideas, and everything starts as an idea, so who knows where it will lead?

And one extra reason, from Festival Curator and General manager, Leah Varnell said: ‘I’m looking forward to discussing and debating – I hope you are too’.

Words by the Water – Festival of Words and Ideas runs until daily until 17 March 2019. For more information about speakers visit 

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