e-Biking in Cumbria with Paul Clow – a new cycling year beckons

Eden-e-Motion boutique bike shop at Hartley, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria

Well, a new cycling year beckons. Will it be naked or dressed with a battery? asks Paul Clow of Eden-e-Motion.

Which way for eBiking in 2019?

This month’s bike bits is just a taster of what the year may bring. I think I’m feeling fitter this winter, having been e-biking much more last year than previously.

It’s not easy mind. Even though recent statistical studies conclude that ebikes are 21% faster than normal bikes, you still have to make time to ride… and that’s not always easy in today’s hectic lifestyle.

Go further with an eBike

At least you can make your journeys more purposeful with an ebike and go further, knowing you can get there and back in good time and in good shape.

Good too that the same study concluded that e-bikers were 8.5 times more active than they were at rest, while those using traditional bicycles were 10.9 times more active – a smaller difference than had been anticipated and the e-bikers utilised 51% of their lung capacity, only a little less than normal cyclists 58 per cent. So if you are on ‘doctors orders’, an ebike is really the best choice as it will be used and not parked in the garage “waiting for the right time!”

China import duty impact on cheap bikes

Early 2019 has seen the final ratification of the China import duty of up to 48%, a spate of bankruptcies of UK importers and a rise in prices of the previously cheap bikes.

Fear not. The remainder of the bikes in the UK are generally a better investment anyway and you are much less likely to buy a pig in a poke. There is a warning however: Some of the big retailers are being a bit naughty by selling off discontinued bikes with little of no hope of getting spares in the future.

Your local eBike store keep you on the road

For those of you already owning ebikes that may be from China, don’t panic, you can probably keep them going longer with regular cleaning, maintenance and getting to know your local e-bike store.

2019 also promises to be the year of the second e-bike for many people who bought an one on the original wave and having enjoyed the experience and seen the benefits, are graduating to a better one. To that end I’m including here a link to a useful guide. It’s going to cost a bit more but you can make sure your money is well spent on exactly the bike you need.


We are still hoping to start a group of ebikers and cycling partners for a few gentle rides over the summer. More news on that to follow but if you are super keen to get involved please get in touch and speed up the process.

Paul Clow

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